Aquatics Committee

Mission statement:  The mission of the MDSC aquatics committee is to support, promote and develop the aquatics programs of the council.  This involves supporting existing programs and developing new programs to encourage youth members to get into or onto the water.  One of the major functions of the committee is to review the aquatic plan for the council summer camp at Wolfeboro.

The committee continues to offer adult training and to support existing adult training programs related to aquatics, including:

  • Swimming and Water Rescue for adult leaders, currently offered annually.
  • Paddle Sports Awareness under the High Adventure Training program.
  • Paddle Craft Safety as an add on to Paddle Sports.
  • Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat at the annual LEAD adult leader training event.

The committee previously offered SCUBA merit badge training and one group of youth successfully completed the course in 2011.  The committee is in the planning stage to offer Small Boat Sailing merit badge, but the schedule is uncertain at this time.

The committee also plans to develop other aquatics merit badge offerings to supplement those offered at the council summer camp and that individual units may find too difficult to offer their youth on their own.  The committee also supports unit efforts to organize and conduct activities such as the open water swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

The committee is seeking experienced and previously certified trainers in all aspects of aquatics activities to develop these programs.  If you would like to be part of the committee or simply have questions contact Ed Isely (committee chair) at 925 286 9363 or by email