Eagle Scout Alumni

Our local committee of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is concerned with the perpetuation of the Boy Scout movement by bringing the power of adult Eagle Scout leadership in full support of Scouting in local councils. Eagle Scouts represent Scouting’s finest. We want to draw on these talented, experienced men who are knowledgeable about our program and who have had a rich experience in Scouting.

The fact that a young man is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting, but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The goals of Scouting—citizenship, training, character development, and personal fitness—remain important for all Eagle Scouts through adulthood. By fully utilizing the strengths of our Eagle Scouts, we can do much to chart the future of Scouting. They can help transmit, from generation to generation, the ideals, ethics, and values that Scouting represents.

Mt. Diablo Silverado Council has a local NESA committee, whose primary role is to provide the council with dynamic and effective leadership to involve adult Eagle Scouts in active Scouting volunteer roles. In addition, the committee shall:

  • Conduct a Gatherings of Eagles dinner as a reunion and to recognize adult Eagle Scouts, participate in various community service projects to showcase Scouting and Eagle Scouting and conduct social networking events for adult Eagle Scouts.
  • Given the benefits and experience Eagle Scouts have received from their Scouting experience, assure all known adult Eagles are involved as volunteer Scouters.
  • Assist in the search for adult Eagle Scouts who are not currently involved in Scouting and encourage them to become reengaged in Scouting and members of NESA.
  • Help support Las Aguilas de Diablo, in conducting an annual Eagle Scout recognition dinner for young men who have received the Eagle Award during the past year.
  • Review annual applications for the Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award, select the council winner, and submit an application for the winner to the national NESA office for consideration for the regional and national awards.
  • Identify and nominate adult Eagle Scouts for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award and NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award by completing and submitting the application.
  • Encourage Eagle Scouts to apply for NESA scholarships, assist in evaluating applications, and recommend adult Eagle Scouts for inclusion on regional scholarship application review committees.
  • In coordination with the council advancement committee, recommend adult Eagle Scouts be involved in such projects as advancement clinics, merit badge clinics, the merit badge counseling program, and district representation on Eagle boards of review.
  • Activate ways and means that will result in every new Eagle Scout being presented with a NESA membership at the time of the Eagle court of honor.