Las Aguilas de Diablo


Join us for our Annual dinner, April 27, 2017. Register here.  There is no charge for new Eagle Scouts.

Las Aguilas de Diablo – whose members are all Eagle/Quartermaster/Silver award winners themselves – provides an opportunity for successful business, professional, and community leaders to support Boy Scouts of America and further promote the ideals of Scouting.

The Mission of Las Aguilas de Diablo has several components as its members continue along the Eagle Trail:

  • To produce the annual MDSC Youth Recognition Dinner where those who have this year earned the Eagle, Quartermaster or Silver Awards are hosted by community sponsors sharing their career interests and honored for their superb accomplishments.
  • To expand scholarships available on a competitive basis to those who earn Eagle/Quartermaster/Silver.
  • To use a portion of our annual dues to support the Mt Diablo Silverado Council Endowment Fund – and in so doing, to honor leaders with a special James E. West Recognition.
  • Establish a support group for young adult Eagles/ Quartermaster/Silver award winners in our community, who are seeking career advice and networking with those who are more established.
  • Sponsor a periodic “Eagle Project” to assist Mt Diablo Silverado Council – which Las Aguilas would sponsor and carry out.
  • To provide an opportunity for its members to have fun and fellowship in Scouting – with one or more social events, and a minimum of meetings, as we serve the Boy Scouts of America.

We wish to invite you to become a new member of the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council’s Las Aguilas de Diablo group.  We are very excited about your possible membership!  Las Aguilas de Diablo is a very impressive extension of the Boy Scouts of America, with the direct aim at recognizing each of the council’s annual Eagle Scout, Sea Scout Quartermaster and Venture Crew Silver Award recipients.  This select group of adult Eagle Scouts sponsor a dinner each year to recognize our newest honoree Scouts.

The Annual Youth Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner will be held at Crow Canyon Country Clun in Danville.  The evening include adult Las Aguilas members providing a special look at various career opportunities by sharing some of the highlights of their own career to one of these new honoree Scouts.  These hosts will relay challenges, educational requirements and successes from their chosen career field or hobby.  It is an exciting evening plus an enlightening opportunity for these new honoree recipients to obtain a chance appointment to shadow next to his host.  What a great boost for these young men toward what could be their future career path!

For Las Aguilas de Diablo members, the dinner cost is included in your annual dues.\

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