Wolfeboro Pioneers


The camp has a well known tradition called the Wolfeboro Pioneers. This is one of the few surviving local BSA honor societies in the United States that has not been absorbed by the Order of the Arrow. The society was founded in the summer of 1929 by returning Scouts and Scouters who were devoted to creating and preserving the camp’s unique tradition.

Today, only a handful of minor organizations, the Wolfeboro Pioneers among them, exist in the United States. The Wolfeboro Pioneers is one of the largest of these minor organizations. Every summer, it inducts several adult leaders and roughly 100 Scouts, a good annual induction rate for a minor organization.

The Wolfeboro Pioneers’ official mission is to preserve and improve Camp Wolfeboro and its traditions. To this end, the Wolfeboro Pioneers assist in the opening and closing of camp each summer, as well as assisting in multiple service projects throughout the year.
It is the purpose of the Wolfeboro Pioneers to:
– Perpetuate high standards of camping and Scouting at Camp Wolfeboro.
– Advise and assist new Scouts and make their stay at camp a happy one.
– Promote good fellowship and good sportsmanship in all activities.
– Initiate and complete such projects that will make Wolfeboro a better camp.
– Assist in receiving and conducting visitors about camp.
– Encourage camping at Wolfeboro when at home and especially in our own units.

For more information go the Wolfeboro Pioneers website http://www.campwolfeboropioneers.com