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Scout Executive John Fenoglio (925) 674-6150 Email
Director Field Services Scott Evans (925) 674-6135 Email
Development Director Suzanne Martin (925) 674-6155 Email
Director Support Service Dave Ernst (925) 674-6172 Email


Comptroller Jessica Shi (925) 674-6154 Email


Executive Assistant Liza Dyer (925) 674-6101 Email
Registrar Eileen Ladarre (925) 674-6104 Email
Program Assistant Julie Graham (925) 674-6126 Email
Development Assistant Annette Sanchez (925) 674-6105 Email
Accounts Payable Masouda Ibrahimi (925) 674-6103 Email


Briones District Joe Squeri (925) 674-6122 Email
Chief Solano District Michael Moffat (925) 674-6178 Email
Diablo Sunrise District Alan Young (925) 674-6151 Email
Herms District Jose Rodriguez (925) 674-6124 Email
Lake District Sabrina Pickersgill (707) 489-5417 Email
Meridian District Rand Mahoney (925) 674-6125 Email
Muir District Arnel  Jaime (925) 674-6120 Email
Silverado District Parker Lauer (925) 674-6156 Email
Soccer (925) 674-6120 Email


Pleasant Hill Scout Shop (925) 674-8500

I am a mom of a Cub Scout, and was hoping that someone at BSA could help with some research I am doing on the services our various East Bay non-profits provide to Bay Area youth.

Would you mind answering a few basic questions or referring me to someone who can?

• What is BSA’s mission statement/focus for Bay Area youth?
• Are there any specific needs your programs strive to address?
• Have you identified any specific needs in our community that BSA is not necessarily best equipped to address? What are those needs?

If a phone call if an easier way to address these questions, just let me know and provide a number/time for a call.


Debbie Lind
Mom of Pack 405 Wolf

  • Hi,
    I am a former Life Scout and Junior Assistant Scout Master from the Peninsula in the late 60’s. I received so much from my years in Scouting and I would like to give back to today’s Scouts. I own Empower Nutrition Center in Concord and I teach people about proper and healthy nutrition. I would like to offer a free nutrition class to your scouts so they can learn what a healthy meal plan is and how to make proper choices in their daily eating. Is this the correct place to offer this?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Rick Kerrigan

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