Silverado Contacts

District Chair Jonnie Loughlin-Hagan 707-328-1331
District Commissioner Donna Livingston-Fitch 707-557-1779
District Executive Parker Lauer 925-674-6156
Finance Chair Brian Weaver 206-931-4075
Membership Chair (vacant)
Advancement Merrill Beckham 707-554-0359
Advancement Dave Sweet 707-494-8687
Advancement Paul Bartelt 707-258-1301
Training Chair Eric Sargeson 707-319-3906
Assistant Training Chair (vacant)
Camping Chair Mike Solario 707-255-5182
Day Camp North Gary Huckaby 707-235-8698
Day Camp South Jeremy Lowe 707-554-9542
Cub Scout Roundtable Sam Link 707-315-4231
Boy Scout Roundtable John Hagan 707-328-1353
LDS Commissioner John Cope 707-747-0988
Program Chair (vacant)
Order of the Arrow Steve Rodriguez 707-326-3237
Order of the Arrow Wendy LaBerge 707-246-6438