Camp Cards

Look Out! The Camp Card Sale is back for all Mt Diablo Silverado Council Packs, Troops and Crews!

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure or Cub day camp. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10 Camp Card they sell. The Sale will kick-off on March 29th and end on May 25th, giving units nearly 2 months to sell and close out their accounts.

This program is RISK FREE, simply return unsold cards before or on May 25th. Every unit should have a camp card coordinator called a Camp Master.
Camp Master: one who ensures their Scouts get to camp. Each unit should have a Camp Master. The Camp Master’s Camp Card sale responsibilities are to manage all aspects of the sale and clearly communicate information about the sale and camping opportunities to your leaders, parents and Scouts.

The Camp Master’s ultimate goal: Get 100% of their Scouts to summer camp. The Camp master should be an expert on all things camp, they must ensure Scouts know the myriad of summer camp opportunities available and are encouraged to attend. A good Camp Master will have over 90% of their Scouts attend a summer camp.
Remember selling Camp Cards ensures every Scout can pay their own way to summer camp, day camp or other adventures.

For more information contact your District Executive or Steven Dunn.

Click HERE for the Camp Card Flyer.

Click HERE for the Camp Card Leader’s Guide.