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Time to Pay your Dues 

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Ut-In Sélica Lodge dues are renewed annually.  Dues can be renewed online or through the mail. Dues are $15 per year. You do not have pay back dues, just the pay the current year to get current. For questions regarding dues status or pocket flap orders, contact chongwoman@comcast.net. Don’t wait, remember you must be a dues paid member to participate in lodge activities.

The Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s Honor Society, is made up of thousands of great Scouts and Scouters like yourself, who were elected to the Order by their fellow Scouts because they saw something in you, something special – those qualities of trust, leadership, friendship, brotherhood, and a desire to serve others – that set you apart.

You undertook the Induction to prove your dedication to the high ideals of service that is the hallmark of our Order. Perhaps you have achieved an even greater understanding of Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui  by sealing your membership through the Brotherhood, or even now keep the flame of cheerful service alive through leadership in service. You are an Arrowman and we ask that you continue your support for the Order of the Arrow and its worthy goals which are more important now than ever.

An active member in Ut-In Sélica Lodge is someone who is a currently registered Scout or Scouter in the Mt Diablo Silverado Council with current dues paid. With active membership, you are entitled to attend all functions of the lodge appropriate for your honor level. It also entitles you to wear your OA flap. Technically, if you don’t pay your dues, you are not a member, and the flap should be removed from your uniform.

Think back on your Ordeal. Remember the Obligation and Admonition. Remember … “The ones, who chose you, need you.”

Congratulations to New Candidates

Congratulations on your election as a candidate for membership into the Order of the Arrow, Ut-In Sélica Lodge by your unit. The Order of the Arrow is the Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America and only those elected by their unit as Honor Campers are invited to join. You have one year from the date of your election to formalize your membership by participating in an “Order of the Arrow Induction”. This will be a weekend of friendly service, culminating with an induction ceremony into the Order of the Arrow.

Induction check-in will be between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening, and checkout will be approximately 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. The cost of the Ordeal is $50.00, which covers food, Order of the Arrow sash and handbook, Lodge pocket flap, and your first year dues. A notice will be mailed to you about each Induction Weekend, including information on how to register. You MUST pre-register for the Induction. You will need to arrange your own transportation. You might contact your Scoutmaster or Troop or Team OA representative to see if you can ride with anyone else who is going.

The Lodge trading post will also be available with neckerchiefs, pins, Lodge t-shirts, jackets, baseball caps, and other great OA items for sale. Please bring extra money if you would like to purchase anything.

You must bring a signed copy of the standard BSA medical form (Parts A & B) to the Induction with you.

Current medical form (Parts A & B)
Full Class-A uniform (to be worn at check-in)
Backpack (duffle bags are not recommended)
Work clothes (t-shirt, pants & hat)
Work gloves
Close toe shoes for getting in the water
Hydration system or 32-oz. water bottle
Jacket, hat & gloves for cold evenings & mornings
Extra set of dry clothes, including thermo underwear and underwear
Extra socks
Rain gear if rain is in the weather forecast (you should start checking the weather forecast daily the week before the Ordeal)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Tarp (large enough to fold over you in case of rain) for Friday evening
Tent for Saturday night
Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
Lip balm or Chapstick
Insect repellant
Personal first aid kit
Toiletries – toothbrush & toothpaste, washcloth, etc.
Toilet paper & resealable plastic bag to carry out waste
Any personal medications
(Prescription medications must be in container with original pharmacy label including patient’s name, doctor’s name, name of medication, and dosage. All medication except inhalers and epi pens must be turned over to the adult leader in charge.)
Tent (for Saturday evening) No tents will be used on Friday evening.
All food will be provided. Please do not bring any food, as it attracts unwanted animals.

Please notify the Lodge Registrar, Mary Chong, at chongwoman@comcast.net immediately of any food allergies or dietary concerns that was not included in you online registration. All food purchases are made in advance as there are no grocery stores nearby.

Click Here to Register for the Camp Herms Induction Weekend

Introducing the 2017 Order of the Arrow Hackathon

By Chuck Coutteau

Are you an Arrowman interested in computers, web development, or technology? Then you will probably be interested in the 2017 Order of the Arrow Hackathon taking place in sunny California this upcoming October. But what exactly is a Hackathon?

The use of the word “Hackathon” in mainstream culture has skyrocketed due to its increasing popularity in the world of technology. Simply put, a Hackathon is an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming and create something new.

The Order of the Arrow will be holding its first Hackathon the weekend of October 6-8, 2017, and is inviting any youth or adult Arrowmen interested in technology to come contribute. Arrowmen from around the country will converge onto the Intel Office in Sacramento, CA, joining forces with Intel Engineers armed with the latest technology to create new and innovative solutions. Whether you are interested in web development, mobile development, database infrastructure, mobile apps, or anything else, the Order of the Arrow is interested in your help in shaping our technological resources.

As an attendee, you will have 24 hours to hack together new tools for the Order of the Arrow, including (but not limited to) the national registration system, LodgeMaster, and the OA Mobile App. 2016 National Vice Chief and aspiring Electrical Engineer Tyler Inberg commented on why an Arrowman should attend this event: “If you’ve been looking for opportunities in the Order of the Arrow to expand your technological experiences, provide groundbreaking technological advances around the organization, or create the next big thing to be used across the nation, here’s your chance! The National Technology Committee is putting on an OA Hackathon that will allow you to put your skills and ideas to the test and work with brand new software and hardware! This is an event unlike anything the OA has ever put on so if you’re interested, you’ll definitely want to check it out and sign up fast so you can be a part of the innovation and drive that pushes our technology into the next century!”

To reserve your spot at this exclusive event, simply register by clicking here. The prices range from $175 (fold out sofa bed), $200 (double bed), and $225 (king bed) and include transportation provided from the Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Sign up now and be sure to book your plane ticket soon. See you in sunny Sacramento California on October 6-8, 2017!

Congratulations 2016 Vigil Candidates

The 2016 Lodge Banquet ended with the call out of Ut-In Sélica Lodge’s Class of 2016 Vigil Candidates.  Most of the Candidates completed their Vigil experience during the Vigil weekend.  The circle widens again for new brothers and sisters of the Vigil.  Many are worthy, few are called. 

Youth called out:  Andrew Griffin, Chris Holobetz, Ryan Sanchez, Matthew Morganstein, Bryan Looney, Andrew Zucker, and Jimmy McFeely

Adults called out:  Elaine Bishop and Helen Holobetz

OA Western Region Section 3N

The National Order of the Arrow is organized into four geographical regions. Ut-In Selica is located in the Western Region. The Western Region is divided into 13 sections.

Lodge Texting Service

Ut-In Sélica Lodge is taking communications to a new level! Remind is a program that allows us to safely and efficiently interact with Arrowmen about upcoming events. All personal information is kept private.