Canoeing Awareness and Paddle Craft Safety

Canoeing Awareness is combined with the BSA Paddle Craft Safety Program.  This course covers skills and techniques for planning and leading a successful paddling outing.  Course topics include: Planning & Leadership, Types of Paddling, Equipment, Safety, Orienting the Paddler, Paddling Strokes & Techniques, Maneuvers, River Reading and Running as they relate to Paddle Sports Awareness. This course is open to all registered Scouting adults who have completed the HAT Core course, have a current certification in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat, and can pass the swimming test.  YOU MUST BRING PROOF OF CURRENT COMPLETION IN BOTH SAFE SWIM DEFENSE AND SAFETY AFLOAT to the Course.  Requires HAT Core Completion and Annual Health and Medical Record A/B/C.  Contact Keith Gale at or (925) 672-3592.

application-pdfAnnual Health and Medical Record

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