L.E.A.D Handouts 2016

1112 Cub Scout First Aid

1112_BB1509-Baloo’s Bugle First Responder Activities

1112_First Responder Webelos Adventure for Cub Scouts Checkoff Sheet – Scouter Mom

1112_First-Responder-BSA Meeting Plans

1125_ Adult Transitioning to Boy Scouts


1314 Cubmaster PS 1of3

1314 Cubmaster PS 2of3

1314 Cubmaster PS 3of3

1314_Cubmaster & ACM PST L.E.A.D 2016 Overview

1628_Berck Troop meeting and Planning 2016

1628_Berck Troop meeting and Planning 2016

1628_Campbell LEAD 2015

1628_Campbell LEAD 2015

2113-Outdoor Activity Award Requirements

2113-Summertime Activities

2113-Summertime Activity Resources

2113-Summertime Pack award tracking form

2141_Outdoor Awards

2143_Backpacking Lighten the Load

2143_LW B’packing

2224_Dutch Oven Chicken Pasta with Herbs

2224_Dutch Oven Cobbler

2224_Dutch Oven Enchilada Casserole

3112 Basic Woodcarving

3113 Cub Aquatics (from BSA)

3117 Recruitment & Retention v3

3121_Board of Review and Scoutmaster Conference


4114 (sc)Outings- Where to Go

4114 _CubscOUTing_Where to Go

4115-1 Lead Songbook

4123_Woods Tools

4142_Fishing Add it to your Program

4145_Service Projects for the 21st Century – hornadayaward.org


4217_ Committee Challenge

4217_ Posters


4217_family Survey

4221_Advancement in the Troop 2015(2)

4221_Advancement in the Troop 2016(2)

4221_Common Questions & Case Studies

4221_Common Questions & Case Studies



4253_COR Guidebook 511-421 151105

5114_ Tied Up In Knots (LEAD 2016)

5115-1 CampfireProgramsLEAD2016

5115-2 Campfire Program Planner_33696

5115-3 appendix-n

5124_BSA Electronics

5143 Hiking in Northern California

5143_Hiking in Northern California

6114_Camping & Outings with Cubs 6115 Team Building for Cub Scouts

6115_Cub Scout and Group Games



6116_Ability Awareness 6117 Pack Administration


6122_Scoutmaster’s Conference Guideline