Pack Committee Training

We all learn differently, and the Cub Scout training is designed to deliver the learning content in the style that works best for you—either online or instructor led.

Basic Leader Training Requirements

Per the “What makes a trained leader?” flyer (11/11/2014) and the Trained Leader Requirements table (c. June 2015) and the my.Scouting™ E-Learning Training Center (11/05/2015) basic leader training requirements for the members of a Pack Committee are:

  • Y01 Youth Protection Training (current certificate of completion which is good for two years) and
  • C60 Pack Committee Challenge (instructor-led) or Pack Committee Position Specific Training (online)

In addition the Pack Trainer is required to take:

  • D70 Fundamentals of Training (instructor-led)

Fundamentals of Training, also known as Train-the-Trainer (Fundamentals), is the first part of a Train the Trainer curriculum which was apparently released in late 2012 or early 2013. At this time it appears to be only available as a local instructor-led class. More: The Commissioner news web page (January 2013).

Supplemental Training.

After basic position training available training paths include the Scouter’s Training Award for Cub Scouting (PDF, 511-057, 2012 printing) and for the Pack Trainer more “Train the Trainer” training.

The Pack Trainer Award (PDF, 2006 printing) was superseded in 2011 by the Scouter’s Training Award for Cub Scouting (PDF, 511-057, 2012 printing) per the Awards and Knots article in the Training Times, Fall 2011 (web page, November 2011.)

You may also want to complete one or more health and safety training courses and outdoor activity courses to support unit activities and tours. For example:

  • Online courses: Physical Wellness, Safe Swim DefenseSafety AfloatWeather Hazards
  • Instructor-led courses: Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), Outdoor Webelos Leader Training (OWLT)

Adult leaders who are committed to supporting the Scouting program are also encouraged to completeWood Badge for the 21st Century. BSA® recommends that new leaders attend Wood Badge within your first year as a leader. Attending Wood Badge early allows you to make the most of this training.


Date/Time Event
Monday, September 24th, 2018
6:15 pm - 9:30 pm
Muir/Diablo Sunrise Pack Committee Training
MDSC Service Center, Pleasant Hill California