Den Chief Training

Boy Scouts wishing to become den chiefs will take this course to learn the Den Chief’s responsibilities, tasks, relationship to adult den leaders, and receive many suggestions to ensure a smooth start and continuing success for all den chiefs.  Because it teaches and models many leadership skills, the course can be taken by all Boy Scouts as an excellent supplemental leadership training course between Introduction to Leadership Skills-Troop and NYLT.

The training can be found online at:

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6 thoughts on “Den Chief Training

  1. Hi,
    My name is Smyan Jaipuriyar and I am from troop 888, San ramon. I wanted to get training for a Den Chief and would appreciate if someone can tell me about any Den chief trainings within our council or anywhere around too.
    Thank you,
    Smyan Jaipuriyar
    Troop 888

  2. We have 4 scouts who want to be Den Chiefs. They have been asked by a Den at our local elementary school to be Den Chiefs. How can we get them trained so that they can help out and be leaders? Thanks.


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