Typical Staff Week

Each camp week begins on Sunday with a staff meeting at 11am.

After all troops are checked in by their assigned troop buddies (staff members), camp has begun. Individual campfires are held in each troop’s campsite the first night which includes S’mores provided by the staff. There is also an Advancement Carnival put on by the staff on the first night which gives scouts a chance to finalize their schedule for the week.

Each day there is a staff meeting before opening flag ceremony. At the end of the day there is a closing flag ceremony and at every flag ceremony, staff members can make announcements to the entire camp.

Three meals are provided each day in the dining hall that are done in 2 shifts, except on Wednesday when units cook their own meals at their campsite. Staff members are assigned to help in serving at all meals. They also provide scout spirit through songs and cheers at every meal. Friday evening meal is done at 2 locations with different meals, one for adults and one for boys.

During most mornings and afternoons, the regular camp programs are operating where staff members are teaching skills to groups of scouts for rank advancement and merit badges. You will be assigned to a given area but, you may be asked to assist in other areas.

There is an opening campfire held on Monday and a closing campfire held on Friday that are run by the staff with participation from both staff and scout units. Many other special activities occur throughout the week where staff members are assigned to assist. One of the more exciting events that staff members participate in is the Theme Day on Thursday. A theme is selected each summer and you get to bring a costume to wear that day as part of the theme. There is also a theme related game held on Thursday afternoon, instead of the regular program.

There are opportunities during the week for free time, arranged with your supervisor, when you can participate in some of the activities offered at camp. But, if any activity requires you to leave camp, you must check-out when you leave and check-in when you return, at the CDC.

Showers and laundry facilities are available for staff use only. These are located near the staff tent area. Tents are provided for every staff member and these accommodate two people per tent.

Many other things happen at camp all week which might involve you as a staff member. You can see the Camp Weekly Schedule on the main Wolfeboro web page to get a better idea of what goes on.

Each week ends on Saturday after all units have checked out by 11am.