Herms District Unit Locator

Find a unit

You can search for a traditional scouting program (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, Sea Scout) units at the Be-A-Scout web site.

For Sea Scout units search under Venturers.

For Varsity Scout units search under Boy Scouts.

For all units, search under Volunteers.

For units in the north-east part of the Herms District search using the Hercules zip code, 94547. For units in the south-west part of Herms District search using the Berkeley zip code, 94720.

For unlisted and non-traditional program units including Career Exploring, contact the council service center office.

Update map pin unit information

Units are encouraged to keep their BeAScout PINs up to date. Unit Key-3 may update their unit’s information on Be-A-Scout via the link on the sidebar at http://myscouting.org/. Please make sure your PIN is active.

– To activate your BeAScout Pin use the following steps
– Sign onto your MyScouting account – be certain your Member ID is associated with your account
– In the column on the left select “BeAScout”
– Check your Pin Status be certain it is set to ACTIVE. If it is not change it and save your changes. You can also update your contacts and unit information on this screen. Be sure to save your changes. Allow about 45 minutes for the records to update and check this via www.beascout.org.

BSA BeAScout PowerPoint Presentation: How To Set Up A Unit Pin For Volunteers (PPT, 1.61 MB)