Herms District Activities and Civic Service

Council and District Role: The function of activities and civic services is to plan activities and civic service projects that supplement the unit program. – Council and District Plan Book (2009)

  • Activities – Possible activities include a district show, district camporee, promoting activities, promoting Scouting Anniversary Week activities (in February), and district installation and recognition programs.
  • Civic Service – The first national BSA civic Good Turns were performed in 1912. Possible district civic service activities include promoting civic service opportunities, conducting a conservation project, and being the conscience of district for practical citizenship training projects.

Recurring Annual Activities in Herms District

  • Herms District Program Kick-off in August (District Committee and District Commissioners)
  • Herms District Boy Scout Camporee (with Order of the Arrow)
  • Herms District Recognition Dinner (District Advancement and Recognition Committee)
  • Fages II 20-mile Hike (Order of the Arrow) in June

Recurring Service Projects in Herms District

  • Lake Berryessa Blue Oak Trees Restoration Project (a Take Pride in America project)
  • California Arbor Week and California ReLeaf Project in March (with C.H.E.C.K.)
  • US Army 442nd Infantry RCT Reunion Color Guard in May
  • Memorial Day Weekend Flag Plantings in May
  • Scouting for Food in November

District Community Service JTE Objective

  • District JTE Objective # 10: Community service: Increase the amount of community service provided by Scouts, Explorers, leaders, and other participants.
  • To reach JTE “Gold” level for Journey to Excellence, Cub Scout Packs and Sea Scout Ships must report four service projects each year. Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams and Venturing Crews must report six service projects each year.

Unit Service Project Reporting

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