Lake District Rendezvous

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Date(s) - Friday, October 13th, 2017 - Sunday, October 15th, 2017
All Day

Smith Ranch


~Best Throwbacks~

Smith Ranch
Oct. 13-Oct. 15, 2017
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

This year we will be at Smith Ranch AKA Day Camp again. The cost is $10.00 per person.  Off of Renfro Rd.

First Aid is available at Rendezvous Headquarters.  Remind your Scoutmaster to bring your patrol’s medical forms to the Rendezvous.  They are very important should you or they require a trip to the hospital.

Uniforms:  We are Scouts.  This is a Scout event.  Proper uniform is expected.
Class A uniform is to be worn for Friday night, Saturday assembly, campfire, Sunday assembly and Scouts Own.  Class B uniform is appropriate for the rest of your Rendezvous experience.  ITEMS OF CLOTHING WITH ANY MESSAGE OTHER THAN SCOUTING ARE NOT PERMITTED! Leather gloves are advised for use during the events.

Conduct:  Every scout is expected to conduct himself in a scoutly manner by living up to the Scout Oath and Law.  Adhere to the Outdoor Code, staying within the boundaries of camp and on designated roads and trails.  Keep bathrooms clean.  Put trash in bags and in designated containers.  Respect other patrols and be quiet after Taps.  Inappropriate conduct will result in the Scout and his patrol leader being referred to the Rendezvous Scoutmaster for appropriate action and a loss of points to the patrol.

Saturday Night Campfire will be a performance by the patrols should they choose to present a skit.  Webelos can present a skit, if they choose.  Scouts will present a shadow play, projected on a sheet.  Class A uniform and a flashlight are appropriate for the campfire.  We will assemble at 7:30 PM for the trek to the campfire circle.  Included in this guidebook is a performance form which must be completed and turned in at the Friday night registration.  All music and signs must be previewed by the O.A. for content.

Visitors:  The Rendezvous is open to visitors all day on Saturday.  Family and friends are invited to attend and observe your patrol in action.  Visitors attending the campfire are asked to bring lawn chairs and find seating at the rear of the campfire circle.

Dessert:  The Order of the Arrow host a Dutch oven dessert bring your best dessert to share.

          To RSVP, please contact O.A. Chief Brent H. at and I am more than happy to answer any questions and so forth.  We are the only functioning troop in the county at this time and are interested in putting on a very good event this year but are hesitant to put in so much work with such great games if there are only going to be a handful of boys at the event.  We would love to have some out of county scouters to give us some more youth to put the event on for.  If there are any O.A. members that you think would be more interested in helping run some of the events than participating, we would love the fellowship and help they could provide.  This year we will be bringing back the most well remembered games from the past 20 years and rolling them into one big weekend.  The themes do not match up but with such a wide range of stations planned, scouters will get a taste of many different fun and exciting games as well as usage of a wide variety of scout skills.  It would be imperative that scouters review tying knots and lashing poles before the event.  Reviewing orienteering and first aid procedures would be very helpful as well to beating the other patrols.  A tentative list of events that we are looking at are as follows in order of most voted by the youth of my county: Ultimate Capture the Flag, Ultimate First Aid Challenge, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Random Skills Race, Wheelbarrow Jousting, Build a Better Mouse Trap, Blindfolded Landmine Field, Scavenger Hunt, Catapult Building Race.  This list is subject to change for the events towards the end of the list but I can promise you all of the events are far more interesting than they may sound on paper, otherwise they would have not been so highly voted.  There may be an award for the highest scoring patrol.  Again, I thank you for your consideration and would love to see you and your troop at our campout.

            Current O.A. Chapter Chief of Lake District,

                        Brent H.

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