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Your Donations to Scouting

Please know that your restricted donations can only be used for their designated purposes.  Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations go straight to supporting Scouting in our communities today. These donations are critical to maintaining our operations and are being used to do so in real time.

MDSC FOS 2020 Brochure-thumbnail
2020 FOS Brochure
FOS Iceberg - The True Cost of Scouting
The True Cost of Scouting
MDSC FOS 2020 Form-thumbnail2
2020 FOS Form

Friends of Scouting 2020 Recognition Items

All Contributors – The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council window cling

MDSC cling with shadow-LoRes

$250 and up Level – The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council – “Helpful” FOS Council Shoulder Patch.  This is patch #3 in the MDSC council patch collection.



Our strongest supporters are often those who know Scouting first-hand. Each year, we coordinate Friends of Scouting presentations at Pack, Troop, and and Crew gatherings to ask Scouting families for their support. Presentations are made by Scouting volunteers and usually last 5 minutes in late Winter or early Spring. A Friends of Scouting presentation is an opportunity for our families and friends to pledge their contribution towards a better Scouting future.


Consider becoming a member of the Evergreen Sustainability Circle by giving $10 or more per month, automatically charged to your credit or debit card. By making a sustainable donation you help the council in a more efficient process, along with the convenience to the donor. You may change the contribution amount or ending period at any time. Your gift will help Scouting for months and even years to come. Click HERE to make a sustaining donation. 


There are lots of ways to give to Scouting. Our online portal is fast, secure, and simple. We also take pledges over the phone or by mail. If you’d like to speak with someone about a gift, please email  Arnel Jaime or call (925) 674-6105. And, we have Thank You gifts. 


Occasionally an individual or business may have an interest in Scouting and be willing to give us a gift of supplies, etc. that is in the Council operating budget in lieu of a cash contribution. Once again, only items in the budget will receive credit. Project Sale Example: A company offers to give us cases of paper for our internal printing operation. Instead of going to an outside vendor for the same item, we can now use this gift and as a result save the Council’s cash for other items. Or a company can provide the cash value for the purchase of that item. All donors are acknowledged for their support. Gift in Kind Example: A person donates a row boat for camp. Although it may be needed, it may not be currently budgeted. Although we may decide to accept it and use it, the donation does not support the operating budget and would not be credited as a Project Sales, rather it would be considered a “Gift in Kind”. All donors are acknowledged for their support. If you are interested in making a Gift in Kind, please contact Joe Barton for more information on the program.


Community leaders know that Scouting helps prepare our young people for life. As a result, many businesses, leaders, and Scouting alumni make Scouting a part of their annual giving. View the video below to learn the impact of the Scouting program on a youth.
A Scouting Story – José


Companies and individuals can annually sponsor a merit badge, which represents their business or interest.

Merits of Scouting

Matching Gifts – Make your donation go further!

Popcorn Sales

A great way to add to your Unit finances and support FOS.  Join the thousands of Scouts who’ve raised over $12 million for their Scouting adventures. Spend less time fundraising and more time scouting!

There are 6 methods, each has its own benefits, but all are great ways to sell. Units are encouraged to use each method for maximum results in hitting your sales gales.

Popcorn Information & Details

Support Camp Wolfeboro

Help us support our flagship council camp, Camp Wolfeboro by recognizing its history and investing in its future.  For a $90 donation recognizing our first 90 years you will receive the yellow bordered patch.  For a $20 donation recognizing our history and building for our future you will receive the mylar bordered patch and for a $500 donation helping us to sustain the future of Camp Wolfeboro you will receive the framed set of all five patches included the special green ghosted patch which is only sold in the set.  Sets are limited to the first fifty donors.  To make your donation for Camp Wolfeboro please contact our  Program Assistant at or (925) 674-6126

Amazon Smile

Here’s a great way to support our Council when you shop at Amazon. Click the link, and on your first visit type:
MDSC then select the Boy Scouts of America, Pleasant Hill option: AMAZON SMILE

Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant

At the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, we’re dedicated to teaching character development and leadership skills to young people of Contra Costa, Lake, Napa, Southern Solano, and Northern Alameda counties in the Bay Area. An easy way to double your contribution is through employee giving programs.
Many corporations match employee donations (or the tax-deductible component of your membership) to our organization.

If you volunteer with us, your employer may also provide us with a grant to recognize your ongoing support.

Thanks for checking to see if your company offers these programs!

See if your employer will match your donation!

Car Donation

Donate a vehicle to charity, and One Car One Difference will convert it into cash to help the Boy Scouts.

One Car One Difference is a national public awareness program presented by the Insurance Auto Auctions’ Donation Division to support vehicle donations to charities nationwide. Your donated vehicle will be sold at auction, and the proceeds will be given to the charity you designate. Your vehicle donation will help make a real difference to people in need.

We’ve made the car donation process as simple as possible for you. To donate your car, complete our easy-to-use online vehicle donation form, or call our donation specialists at (855) BSA-1car (855-272-1227) or visit The One Car One Difference vehicle donation program is a quick and easy way for you to help. Donate a vehicle today!

Please make sure to designate that the proceeds are directed to the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, Boy Scouts of America and let us know when you have made the donation so we can be aware that it is in process and send you a thank you note, email. Arnel Jaime or call if you have any questions (925) 674-6105 regarding ANY donations to Scouting.

Thank you for helping Scouting serve more youth!Arnel Jaime

Sporting Clays

The Sporting Clays invites attendees to a day of shooting sports. May 2, 2020

Flyer and Registration

Harvest in the Vineyard

Mt. Diablo Silverado Council hosts this special event  to raise funds for Scouting programs. For more information on any of these events, please Email: Anne Herriage or Phone: 925-674-6154.

Click here for more information and ticket purchase for the November 2, 2019 event


Encouraging gifts to the endowment fund is one of Scouting’s highest priorities. It is one of the best ways to insure that the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council can continue to offer the outstanding programs it now has long into the future and also grow to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves.

Most of us have heard of the term endowment, but what does it really mean? An endowment is a fund is held in perpetuity to provide interest and dividend earnings for the benefit of a charitable cause. That is the textbook definition, but in reality an endowment is the life preserver of a charitable organization. To be healthy and stable, the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council needs to meet its current operating budget, without exerting 100% of its energy on fundraising. 10% of the operating budget is provided from investment income. After all, our mission is not to raise funds, but rather to continue our strong movement and build a foundation that provides our youth with a quality, values-based program.

Endowment gifts come in many forms beyond an outright cash or stock gift. Many donors name the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council as a beneficiary owner in the following:

  • Wills or codicils
  • Charitable trusts, such as Unitrust, annuity trusts, and lead trusts
  • BSA Gift Annuities or BSA Pooled Income Fund gifts
  • Life Insurance/retirement plan designations
  • Other deferred gifts approved by the council

The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council has sample language for a bequest for trust or will: Bequest language memo.  For more information or to make a gift to the endowment fund, please contact:

John Fenoglio, Scout Executive, at (925-674-6150) 

In its gratitude for such support, the Boy Scouts of America nationally offers two distinct endowment recognition awards which are all a part of the Heritage Society. The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council presents these awards to donors who support Scouting’s financial future through gifts to the endowment.

Endowment Recognition & Societies

James E. West Fellowship

This award is named after James E. West who was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. Dr. West exemplified Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that “an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.” Scouting today is the “lengthened shadow” of more than three decades of the farseeing and dedicated leadership of Dr. James E. West. Those who are recognized by the James E. West Fellowship Award will cast their own “lengthened shadow” as they help ensure the Scouting legacy for future generations of young people and create the financial stability of the program for the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council.


There are now four levels of the James E. West Fellowship Award, which is the national recognition for individuals who contribute $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 or more in cash or marketable securities to the Council’s Endowment Trust Fund. This gift must be in addition to – and not replace or diminish – the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support. Many individuals and organizations make these gifts on behalf of someone else – such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, a retirement, a special accomplishment, or anniversary – or in memory of a special individual.

The James E. West Fellowship Award is recognized with a personalized certificate. In addition, a distinctive lapel pin ($1,000 -bronze pin, $5,000- silver pin, $10,000-gold pin, $15,000-diamond pin) and an exclusive knot for the uniform are presented at a special recognition program. The recipient will also be included in special Mt. Diablo Silverado Council events and mailings in the future.

Second Century Society

The Second Century Society individuals help ensure the Scouting legacy for future generations there is a call today for new visionary leaders to do the same. To qualify, an individual, company or an organization must contribute an outright gift $25,000 or more, payable over five years or a deferred gift of $100,000 to the Endowment Fund. These gifts can be in the form of cash, securities, land, five-year pledges, or other property that is easily converted to cash.

It is appropriate, therefore, that these visionaries be recognized as they help ensure the Scouting legacy for future generations of young Americans by securing the financial stability of the Boy Scout programs in the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council into the future.

Donors making outright gifts of $100,000 or more are designated as “Members with Distinction”. Donors making deferred gifts of $500,000 or more are designated as “Legacy Members”


Members of the Second Century Society will receive a  distinctive lapel pin, a knot for their uniform, and a personalized, certificate. A device on the lapel pin and knot will distinguish the level of giving.

The recipient will also be included in special Mt. Diablo Silverado Council events and mailings. The names selected for the recognition levels of the 1910 Society were drawn from those early founders.

  • $25,000 member level- lapel pin, knot and certificate
  • $100,000 member level – lapel pin, knot, certificate, framed Rockwell print and a custom Second Century insignia item
  • $500,000 member level- lapel pin, knot, certificate, limited edition framed Rockwell print and a custom Second Century insignia item
  • $1,000,000 member level – lapel pin, knot, certificate, premium framed Rockwell print and a custom Second Century insignia item

Will Survey  (pdf document)
Major Gifts Recognition Program & Application Form  (pdf document)

Stock Transfer Form

Click the link below for fillable version of the Stack Transfer Form. Simply place you cursor on the first field, click, and start typing.

Stock Transfer Form

Memorial & Tribute Fund

The Memorial and Tribute Fund allows donors to honor someone on a birthday, special occasion, anniversary or in memory of someone deceased. These gifts remain in perpetuity to ensure that Scouting is available for the youth of our future generations. Donations to the Memorial and Tribute Fund become part of the endowment fund and are tax deductible.

For more information on the Heritage Society, the James E. West Fellowship or the Memorial and Tribute Fund, email John Fenoglio or call him at 925-674-6150


Thank you, Partners! You help provide a Scouting program for 11,000 Youth in Contra Costa, Napa, Lake, northern Alameda and southern Solano counties

2018 Friends of Scouting Donors

The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, Boy Scouts of America would like to thank our 2018 Friends of Scouting donors whose generosity to Scouting is helping to prepare Today’s youth to be Tomorrows Leaders. Evergreen (sustainable giving) donors are listed at the bottom. Please contact Trish Ferenz for any corrections.  2018 List of Donors