Basic Backpacking Standalone

This awareness course covers skills and techniques for planning and leading backpacking treks. Course topics include: Backpack Trek Planning, Gear, Food for the Backpacker, Wilderness Safety, Wilderness Emergencies, Backcountry Living and Where To Trek. This course is open to all registered Scouting adults who have completed the HAT Core Course. Parts A,B and C of the application-pdfAnnual Health and Medical Record required for each adult.

The cost is $65 and limited to the first 30 who sign up.

Your details and payment will be processed by our secure server, and you will receive a printable confirmation. Alternatively, you can still send in a paper registration form to the Council Office for either of the upcoming courses.

Contact Chris Friedmann at or (209) 406-4474 if you have questions.

Course Syllabus

Backpacking Trek Planning

  • Backpacks
  • Backing Tents
  • Backpacking Stove and Fuel Safety
  • Clothing and Boots
  • Equipment Repair Kit
  • Planning, Purchasing, Packaging, Preparation & Polishing Off

Wilderness Navigation

  • Hands-on Navigation

Wilderness Safety

  • Stream Crossings
  • Wildfires

Wilderness Emergencies

  • Dehydration

Backcountry Living

  • Backcountry Living
  • Conservation
  • Trail Customs
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