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Please plan ahead to avoid a last-minute rush to complete the requirements.  Especially note that you must hold one or more of the positions of responsibility listed on the Eagle application for six months after you earn Life rank and before you turn 18.

  1. Request a personal profile from your Advancement Coordinator. They have access to council records through Internet Advancement.
    1. Six ranks must be listed: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star and Life. If corrections are needed, please talk with your unit.
    2. All Merit Badges earned must be in the report.
  2. Download the Eagle Scout Rank Application and Project Workbook from either Scouting.org or NESA.org to be sure you have the most recent forms.
  3. If needed, the Money-Earning Application in the Eagle Workbook should be signed by the District Executive. Please call in advance to be sure he or she will be at the Service Center.
  4. The Project Proposal is presented to the appropriate person in your District for approval. It is not presented to the Council Service Center.
  5. These four items must be completed before the 18th birthday:
    1. Complete the project and obtain the signature of the beneficiary
    2. Complete all merit badges.
    3. Have a Scoutmaster conference – does not have to wait for the project to be complete.
    4. Complete six months in the position(s) of responsibility held after Life rank.
  6. Signatures from the committee chair, unit leader and local council representative may be obtained within 90-days after the 18′” birthday; however, the Eagle Board of Review must occur within that same 90-day period.
  7. When requesting the Local Council Certification, be sure that every Item listed prior to the “BSA Council Certification” on the Eagle Scout Rank Applications completed on both pages of the form. If any information is missing or incomplete, the council may not be able to sign.
  8. Eagle Board of Review should not be scheduled until steps 1 8 have been completed. If problems arise during step 8, there will be time to correct them without undue stress.
  9. Eagle Scout Rank Applications may be dropped off any time between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday- Friday, at the Council Service Center, 800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA. Please allow up to 48 hours to process. We are closed most major holidays.  It does not have to be brought in by the Eagle Scout.

If you have any questions you can contact your District’s Eagle Board of Review, contact information can be found at www.mdscbsa.org.

Or email Evelyn McManus at Evelyn.McManus@Scouting.org or call 925-674-6126.

Click HERE to download the Eagle Scout Rank Checklist



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