High Adventure Training (HAT)

The High Adventure Team is offers a variety of courses throughout the year.

Each of the specialized training courses builds from the foundation gained by completion of HAT Core. This course (or having an existing HAT number) is a prerequisite for all other courses. Those attending the specialized trainings will also be expected to have mastered the skills required to attain the merit badges related to these activities prior to the course.

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What Is High Adventure?

BSA defines High Adventure in many ways. Essentially, it is any activity designed for older boys and girls that involves adventure challenges or wilderness experience (afoot or afloat) and that may include high altitude, extreme weather conditions, cold water, exposure, fatigue and/or remote conditions where readily available medical care cannot be assured.

HAT Mission

To provide awareness, to disseminate information, to develop programs and incentives to ensure and enhance safe and enjoyable high adventure experiences within the Scouting Program, and to ensure and enhance the conservation and maintenance of our environment for the future.


  • To provide awareness of important issues and considerations that will give a strong sense of confidence to those adult and youth leaders who will plan and lead high adventure treks while ensuring safety and enjoyment.
  • To disseminate information to the Scouting program about high adventure experiences, special programs, outfitters, instructional resources, developments in equipment and techniques and the policies of the U.S. Forest Service and other similar organizations and the Boy Scouts.
  • To work with the U.S. Forest Service and other similar organizations in developing and organizing ways in which to motivate and involve the Scouting program in helping to maintain and conserve the natural environment and high adventure accesses into and through that environment.
  • To develop programs and incentives through special opportunities and awards that will motivate the members of the Scouting program, both youth and adults, to challenge themselves with the experiences of adventure and the natural environment.

High Adventure Training Courses that are offered throughout the year:

HAT Core

Basic Backpacking Awareness

Adult & Child CPR and AED Training

Canoeing Awareness and Paddle Craft Safety

Cycling Awareness

Kayaking Awareness

OKPIK – Cold Weather Camping Awareness

OKPIK II – Cold Weather Camping II

Sailing Awareness

Swimming and Water Rescue

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training0

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