LEAD Presentations 2017

1115 CHIP pack_meetings_with_pizzazz_

1122- 1st Class in 18 Months- Michael Powell

1122a- FirstClass in 12-18- Michael Powell

1122b- TroopGuideHandbook (BST)

1122c- AnnualPlanning Worksheet

1122d- TroopMeetingSample

1122e- AdvancementChart

1122f- FirstClassReq2

1125- Adult Transitions to Boy Scouts- Bill Johansen

1126- 21stCenturyConservationProjects- Bruce McGurk

1141-Safe Swim Defense – John Reynolds

1314a- Cubmaster & Asst PST Presentation- Tom Santos

1314b- Cubmaster & Asst Appendix

1314c- So You’re a New Cubmaster

1314d- Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities

1314e- Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet

1314f- Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet

1314g- Tiger-Wolf-Bear Uniform Inspection Sheet

1314h- Family Talent Survey

1314i- Den Advancement Report

1314j- Passport To Other Lands Theme

1314k- Cubmaster’s Key Progress Record

2112- Whittling Chip- Rob Motal

2115- Pinewood and Other Derbies- Ed Carreno

2122- SPL-PLC effectiveness- Dave Shaw

2126- New Requirements 2016- Michael Powell

2126a Boy Scout New Requirements 2016- Michael Powell

2126b 511-420 Lone Scout

2143- Lightweight Backpacking – Chris Knaus

2151- Resources for Scout Leaders Active – Terry Odneal

2223- ASM Training Beyond the Basics- Rob Wenstrand

3112- Basic Woodcarving- Rob Motal

3125a- Advancement for Scouts with Special Needs- Jeff Smith

3125b- Abilities Digest 2016-4Q

3141- Canoeing – Ed Isley

4112- CS Beyond the Basic Awards- Todd Greisen

4114- Cub ScOUTING- Carlos Melendez

4115 CHIP songs-skits-yells

4123- Cyber_Chip_Progam- McGurk

4124- Cooking_Outdoor_Using_Alternative_Methods- Paul Shimotake

4151 5151 6151 STEM Program – Carolyn Tsuyuki

4142- Fishing – George Coughlan

4221a- Advancement in Troops- Mark Fenske

4221b- Common Questions & Case Studies

4221c- ‘Duty to God’ element of Scout Spirit explained(1)

4253- Chartered Org Rep Guidebook

5114- Cub Scout Knots- Bruce Lezer

5116 Ceremonies to Celebrate

5142- Gear 101 – Sam Link

5143- Hiking_in_No_California- McGurk

6113- Transitioning to Boy Scouts- Sam Link

6121- LifeToEagle- McGurk

6125- Merit Badge Counselor Training Presentation- Tom Santos

6152- Internet Advancement- Susan Oki

6153- Unit Sucession Planning- Cindy Lax